Yes, experience is essential! Just because a technologist is certified and licensed does not necessarily mean they are trained or experienced in diagnostic obstetric ultrasound.

Your ultrasound will be performed by BabyView’s highly-experienced and licensed sonographer.

Several factors are involved in obtaining the highest quality images. BabyView uses state-of-the-art equipment and highly-skilled and experienced licensed sonographer to obtain the best images of your baby. Additionally, the  following factors may influence the clarity of the images:
gynecology Fetal position: BabyView has great  first-time success and  will work to get baby in a cooperative position.
gynecology Maternal tissue: Because additional tissue  results in less contrast on imaging, we tend to get better results with our fuller-figured clients later in their pregnancy.
gynecology Fetal activity: It is fun to see the baby in motion and a little food or juice before  your visit can assist in increasing baby’s activity. We encourage you to enjoy your baby’s activity and we’ll do our part to work with your baby.
gynecology Gestational development: Each baby is simply unique. Using state-of-the-art equipment and most qualified technician, we will provide you with the best possible session.

The suggested time-frame for a BabyView session is between 24-34 weeks, however, we can obtain beautiful images as early as 12 weeks.  Many women choose to come in twice or more (up to four visits permitted) to see their baby at various stages. If you are carrying twins then the best time to come in would be between 19 to 21 weeks. This is because the chance of viewing both babies is more likely than waiting until you are further along.

Yes. We welcome your family and friends to share the joy of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Additionally, we provide a comfortable screening area separate from the scanning room for any mother-to-be who wishes to share in the moment and still maintain her privacy.

BabyView will give you treasured memories that will last a lifetime. In most cases beautiful 3D pictures are possible but occasionally we encounter a camera shy  baby due to factors such as position or maternal habitus. BabyView promises to make every possible effort, under all circumstances, to provide the finest images available.

An ultrasound (sometimes called a sonogram) is a noninvasive diagnostic test that uses sound waves to create images of internal organs. The sonographer uses a  hand-held device to transmit sound waves through your uterus that echo off your baby. A computer then translates the echoing sounds into video images that reveal your  baby’s shape, position, and movements. The series of  television-monitor images is called a sonogram. The words ultrasound and sonogram are often used interchangeably. The differences in a 2D and 3D/4D  ultrasound are in the sophistication of the equipment and  computer software used.

gynecology Numerous studies conducted over the last 40 years have shown that ultrasound causes no harm to the baby and there is no cumulative effect from receiving multiple scans.  The equipment used by BabyView is certified and is in compliance with government regulations for obstetrical use. Any concerns you may have should be discussed with your physician. BabyView ultrasounds are strictly non-diagnostic and are not an alternative to care provided by your physician
gynecology As an additional precaution, BabyView limits scan duration, similar to the time used in diagnostic scanning.
gynecology 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging does not increase the frequency or “power” levels used in 2D imaging.

BabyView does not accept OHIP or insurance as payment because we provide elective ultrasounds for the purpose of bonding with your baby and obtaining memorable images. However, some insurance companies do cover (partial/full) cost of a 3D ultrasound, please check with your provider.

We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard or Debit

No, however It is essential that your physician knows that you have requested our services and that you are under a provider’s care before your visit to BabyView. We are an elective service and do not replace any aspect of your prenatal care. If you have medical concerns we urge you to notify your health care provider.

The 4th dimension “D” is time, therefore when you are watching a baby during a live scan that is 4D. 3D, the third dimension, is depth and refers to still photographs of the baby.